Rebels with a Cause!

The Rebel Scribe Press is an imprint & publisher (est.2018 by Sherisse Rogers) with a clear vision and ambition to empower more diverse voices within the publishing industry.

The publishing establishment is built on a foundation of exclusion, which means the mainstream narratives have little to say about those who do not fit in with what has been traditionally considered “normal.”

Our aim is to encourage narrative and fiction writers from underrepresented backgrounds to write stories that explore a wide range of worlds and experiences but have previously remained unseen by mainstream audiences. We also aim to publish and amplify diverse voices and points of view through both fiction and non-fiction titles with the intention of providing content that both supports an audience’s journey and encourages reflection, dialogue, and improvement through education.

We are committed to writing content that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and together we believe we can change the publishing landscape for the better.

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